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The Queen City Watchdog

The Queen City Watchdog is a non-profit here in Springfield, Mo it is listed as a non-profit as of May 14th 2021. The Queen City Watchdog was founded by Michael Hasty who is also the president. In their year since their non-profit status started, they have hosted a town hall on crime which had in attendance city council members as well as the Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott.

They have also hosted a fall family day which was held at Grant Beach Park which had crafts for kids and free burgers and hot dogs for the community. The Watchdog also held a support for law enforcement rally on 9/11 to show support for the first responders. One of the things the watchdog has been doing is showing a presentation and educating the public on how much influence the Chamber of Commerce has and how it effects the way our city does their business.

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Who is behind the Queen City Watchdog? Some people believe that the Queen City Watchdog is Michael Hasty the President but they have four officers and other volunteers.

The officers

Michael Hasty- President

Seth Brooks- Vice President

Heather Dietz- Treasurer

Marcus Aton- Secretary

Michael Hasty ran for City Council for General Seat B in 2021 and was defeated by incumbent Craig Hosmer. On the campaign trail he said he grew up in foster care and joined the Army, he is a Combat Veteran from Operation Iraqi Freedom. In the past Michael Hasty has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and had done Security in Downtown Springfield. It is unclear what work he is currently doing but he does hold a Masters degree in Finance and Supply Chain Management. Throughout his Campaign he has been worried about the growing crime trends in Springfield and still wants to see changes to help with the crime in the city.

Seth Brooks is originally from Lamar, Mo who is currently a podcaster and had previously worked in the health care field. Seth was a volunteer for Michael Hasty’s campaign who helped with several door knocking events. Seth Brooks was the hardest to find information on but he did speak at city council on a couple occasions he spoke on mask mandates and also on the growing crime trends in the city.

Heather Dietz works in real estate and has been at Action Real Estate since 2013 after she received her Bachelor’s in General Business and a minor in Real Estate. Heather is not only the Treasurer for the Queen City Watchdog but she was also Michael Hasty’s Treasurer for his campaign which is still active on the Missouri Ethics Commission website. Heather Dietz has also been to city council to speak on various different topics such as masks, government over reach, and the flag.

Marcus Aton who also ran for Mayor of Springfield in 2021 and lost against the incumbent Ken McClure. Marcus has a Bachelor’s in German/ International management from Missouri State University. Marcus is a part of various organizations but most notable ones are 99x Planning Committee Member, The Network Membership Task Force for the Chamber of Commerce, and he is also on the leadership team for Better Block SGF.

The Queen City Watchdog has only been around for a year but for a first-year non-profit they done quite a bit. Let’s see what the Watchdog has in store for us in 2022

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