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Meet the Watchdog

The Queen City Watchdog is a group of freedom loving citizens that want to ensure all elected officials of Greene County and Springfield, Missouri do not abuse their power. We aim to hold them accountable to the citizens who call our piece of the Ozarks home. We are a non-profit government watchdog and information source.  

We want to increase engagement between the citizens, elected officials and the school board. The government gets powerful when the people get lazy, and if we do not hold them accountable, who will? It is important that we act locally as it will have the greatest impact on our daily lives. We will work with the other groups that are actively working towards the same goals of government accountability.  We will speak at City Council and School board meetings, bring issues to their attention, to the public light, be a fighting force and voice on behalf the people who feel powerless and ignored. So through your continued efforts we will wake the entire region up, we will become a united force and make our voices heard.

It is also very important that the people stay connected and grow a sense of community. Growing the communities of Springfield and Greene County is vitally important because together we are strong and can make our elected public servants continue to work for us and not force their vision or that of special interests on the city or the people. 

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